Monday, August 17, 2009

Blogger Blogspot Template Codigo Geek

Codigo Geek is a free Blogger template (Blogspot template) with a fresh look. Codigo Geek has 3 columns, a navigation menu, sidebar search box and RSS subscribe links. A nicely styled free Blogger template in red. white and grey/black.

Designed By: Codigo Geek
Bloggerized By: Zona Cerebral

Free Blogger Template - Codigo Geek theme - 3 column, white, red, black, rss link, subscribe link, search box, fixed width
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Main Features
3 columns
Fixed Width
Navigation menu
White, black and red
2 right sidebars
RSS subscribe links
In-built search box in sidebar

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blogger Blogspot Template Coffee Desk

Coffee Desk is a free Blogger Blogspot notebook style template from Falcon Hive that is ideally suited to a personal blog. Coffee Desk boasts an attractive 3 column layout, navigation menu and customized date feature. An excellent Blogger Blogspot theme.

Designed By: Template Lite
Bloggerized By: Alvaris from Falcon Hive

Coffee Desk - Free Blogger Template - 3 column, fixed width, 2 right sidebars, customized date feature, navigation menu, notebook style post section, rss subscribe button in footer, green, light, coffee cup header image
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Main Features
3 columns
2 right sidebars
Fixed width
Navigation menu
Search box
Notebook style post section
Coffee cup header image

Special Extra Features
RSS subscribe button in footer
Customized date feature

Blogger Blogspot Template Flower Garden

Flower Garden is a free 3 column Blogger Blogspot template ideal for a personal blog. This Blogger Blogspot template has a fresh and clean appearance, white content area and pink highlights. The header image of this stylized Flower Garden template is cute and appealing. Despite its cutesy appearance though Flower Garden has some powerful features including: mouse rollover function in the header, automatic thumbnail image for each post, an in-built search box, 3 column split widgetized footer area, a navigation menu and expanded post summaries via the read more function. This fun Blogger Blogspot theme also includes 4 125x125 advertising banner slots.

Designed by: Cebong Ipiet

Flower Garden - Free Blogger Template theme.  3 column design, navigation menu, unique header, ads ready, search box, read more function
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Main Features
3 column
Navigation menu bar
In-built search box
Right sidebar
Fixed width
White, pink

Special Extra Features
Header image with rollover function
Three column split widgetized footer
Banner ads ready - 4 125x125 affiliate banners in sidebar
Automatic thumbnail for each post
Read more function