Friday, September 18, 2009

Blogger Blogspot Template Notepad Chaos

Notepad Chaos is a free Blogger template (free Blogspot template) ideal for an online diary. The Blogger theme is also highly suited to any personal blog on writing, creative writing or a poetry theme as well as any general purpose personal pages.

Notepad Chaos comes in a notebook style and has an attractive stylized floral background image. The main features of this free Blogger template are a 2 column layout, navigation menu, search box and customized date feature. The template also comes widget ready and has a recent posts widget pre-installed. If you are looking for a simple notebook style free Blogger template (free Blogspot template) for a personal blog Notepad Chaos might just be the one for you. This blog template is free to use provided the credits are left intact.

Designed By: Evan Eckard for Smashing Magazine
Converted to Blogger By: Gosu Blogger

Notepad Chaos - Free Blogger Template, 2 columns, fixed width, right sidebar, navigation menu, search box, white and blue-green, notebook style, online diary, personal blog

Main Features

2 columns
Fixed width
Right sidebar
Navigation menu bar
Search box
Off white and green-blue background
Customized date feature
Recent posts widget
Free to use with credit link intact

Suitable for a personal diary, online diary, writing blog, creative writing blog, poetry blog, art blog, personal blog

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  1. hi i am using the current template for my blog..but i want to convert it to three column...can it be possible ??