Monday, September 21, 2009

Blogger Blogspot Template Schemer Mag

Schemer Mag is a free Blogger template (free Blogspot template) in the very popular magazine style. Schemer Mag has so many impressive premium features not usually found on free Blogger templates that it is hard to know where to begin.

For a start this Blogger theme which lends itself to a business blog has a 3 column layout with both a left and right sidebar, 2 navigation menus, a search box and is appealing in white, blue and grey. Some of the outstanding features included in this Schemer Mag template are a video section, RSS subscribe links, expandable post summaries via a read more function and an automatic thumbnail image with every post. If that wasn't enough the Blogger template also is great for those looking to monetize their blogs because it comes both Google Adsense ready and banner ad ready. An especially nice feature is the SEO optimization of the Blogger title tags that will mean improved search engine results of Blogger posts.

Schemer Mag is an outstanding free Blogger template and great workhorse for any business blogger who is looking for a well featured magazine style free Blogger template.

Designed By: Chiq Montes
Converted to Blogger By: Blogger Tricks

Schemer Mag - Free Blogger Template theme.  3 column design, left sidebar, right sidebar, navigation menus, ads ready, Google Adsense ready, search box, read more function, automatic post thumbnail image, video section

Main Features

3 column design
2 navigation menu bars
In-built search box
1 right sidebar
1 left sidebar
Fixed width
White, blue and grey
Banner ads ready - 468x60 affiliate banner in header
Google Adsense ready - 468x60 ad slot above first post
Automatic thumbnail for each post
Read more function
Featured video section
Subscribe to RSS feed link
SEO optimized
Magazine style
Suitable for a business blog
Free to use with credits intact
Installation Instructions

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  1. I tried using this template for a blog of mine but it has got too many bugs...I had got it from some other site...but I just wanted to warn you guys that for blogger blog, this template is not worth it because of the bugs. Otherwise it is a superb design...
    sorry Wizz...but I think it is always wise to point out things for fellow bloggers.
    By the way, I really liked the information on your blog. Thanks.
    Please visit my site and leave your feedback:

  2. Jainesh, thanks for your interest in my blog. I appreciate your frankness about this template design. I have had a similar experience with bugs with many of the Blogger templates I have downloaded. That's why I am currently coding some templates from the ground up that will be bug free and work with all the Blogger features.